Promoting and Generating Awareness of the Vast Aerospace Industry in North Carolina


The North Carolina Aerospace and Aviation Industry Association

Is a 501 c 6 corporation that seeks to help build and unite the aerospace community within the state. Since 2016, our aviation association has been working toward the advancement of the aerospace profession and ensuring that North Carolina remains at the forefront of this development.

Areas of Focus

The North Carolina Aerospace and Aviation Industry Association seeks to generate a greater awareness and grow our aerospace presence. We seek to support initiatives that will ensure the state’s large aerospace and aviation cluster is maintained.  Our members work on the following focus areas:

Aerospace Manufacturing

Aviation Regulation

Drone Testing

Drone Testing


Why the NCAAIA Is Needed

The aerospace industry is experiencing a renaissance through the growth of advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies as well as the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into domestic, commercial operations. This phenomenon, combined with a transition to a digitally connected air transportation system, expected growth in commercial airlines and defense contracting markets, and the nascent commercial space flight sector, resulted in the need for an aerospace association that will serve as the voice of aviation professionals.

The history of aviation began with the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC, and the next chapter is still about to be written. We want to ensure that North Carolina remains prominent in every page of the history of aviation and aerospace. To achieve this, we work hard to unite manufacturing, infrastructure (airports), government (DOD, NCDOT, FAA, counties), academia, and service providers under a common organization to provide a strategic plan for growing our talent and capabilities.

Recent and Upcoming Events

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Lt. Governor Dan Forest speaks at the November 13 Association Meeting

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